So you are crazy enough to think you can help change the world? Join us ...

The work WE do goes beyond mere volunteerism, WE are taking responsibility for changing and developing the future.

WE LIVE on SERIOUS and COMMITTED, princples and vision. Begin with a few hours a month, or as many as your schedule allows.

Change Agent Opportunities

Events Team

WE do several community events per week, and our Change Agents are responsible f...

Neighborhood Ambassador

CommUNITY is the name of the game, thus WE all have to work together to achieve ...


Our youth need help in taking steps toward a productive future. You can use yo...

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    The Anatomy of Change Agents

    Do You Fit The Bill? Is it in your DNA?

    Love For People

    WE love the people, it is the root of our work. Change agents

    Love For OUR Community

    The Future needs you, and your effort.

    Willing To Give Your Time

    WE need your time, it will allow us to build the future.

    Help provide Resources

    Change Agents help get things done, and getting things done often times requires real resources. You may have more resources than time, then let this be your contribution to the movement.

    A Desire to Impact the Future

    Change agents know they can and will make a difference.

    Skills & Experience to share

    Your skills and experience can benefit the lives of others in the commmunity. You are willing to share your skills and experiences.